CF/X Watermark Pro Detail

If you have photos or digital artwork you wish to protect, the CF/X Watermark Pro for Mac OSX will be a great tool for you to use.  The CF/X Watermark Pro makes it easy to watermark your work with text, logos, gps data, and even QRCodes.  It is flexible, free, and easy to use.

When you load the program, you are presented with this interface:

CF/X Watermark Pro Interface

There is a toolbar at the top, a palette at the right where you start settings for the tools you selected, a space at the bottom to drag and drop photos or artwork to be watermarked, and the center area is the “workspace”.  Note:  Though the program is simple to use, the icons at the left of the “workspace”, are tutorials for the program’s features.

CF/X Watermark Pro Detail

Here is a sample of a “work in progress”:

CF/X Watermark Pro Sample

From the CF/X Watermark Pro’s author, here are the programs features:

Watermarks general features
– Intuitive object-oriented editor with advanced features and smart alignment help
– Add as many watermarks (text, logo, map, QRCode) as you like
– All watermarks (text, logos, maps, QRCodes) can be positioned anywhere, freely resized and rotated
– All watermarks support transparency, shadow, and blend modes
– Save your designs for later use

Text Watermark
– Auto-resize for easy editing
– Any font, color, style, background color
– Smart text support (see below)

Logo Watermark
– Use any image as a logo
– Automatic crop modes

QRCode Watermark
– Up to 4000 characters, self configuring
– Instant updates

Map Watermark
– Automatically loads location from GPS data embedded in photos
– Visually displays direction camera was facing (when heading information is available)
– manual and Mac-location supported (requires access to location services enabled)
* Note: Currently uses non-Apple Map Services

Line Art
– Choose from 6 standard pre-sets to place line art over your images

Smart Text
Text, QRCode and Export can access meta data. Add time stamps or other dynamic information (e.g. Aperture, Modification Date, Lens or Camera) to your photos

Export Module
– Use file naming rules to simultaneously watermark, resize and rename your photos
– Highly flexible file name scheme that can access EXIF and other metadata
– Convert to file formats: JPG, JPG2000, PNG, PDF, PSD, BMP, GIF, TIF
– Save as 16-bit image if source was 16 bit
– Resize using the following units: percent, pixel, inch, cm
– Can create single multi-page PDF

I really like this product. CF/X  Watermark Pro is a well designed and executed piece of software. If you need to watermark your work, CF/X Watermark Pro for Mac OSX is well worth a try.  You can’t beat the price.  You can find CF/X Watermark Pro at the App Store.


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