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Onyx: A Swiss Army Knife for OS X Maintenance

In the beginning… Having once had my computer hacked, I have become very paranoid about the security of my machines and the network on which they run.  One security process I carry out daily when I am done using my computers is a very simple one:  I turn off the computers.  It is indeed very hard to […]

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Open Source Software for Your Mac – Save Big / Loose Little

What Is Open Source Software? You just purchased your new Mac, and now it’s time to add software.  Gulp!  Sticker-shock, software is expensive.  Here are some examples (Note:  These are full version prices, not upgrades or student prices): Microsoft Office 2011                            $148.99 Adobe Photoshop CS6                          $413.99 Quark Express V 9.0                           $1024.14 On the other hand, […]