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Fix WooCommerce Oops That Page Can’t Be Found Error

After a fresh install of core website programs, WordPress, WooCommerce, and WooCommerce’s Storefront, it was found that individual product pages were not loading.  Instead of producing a product picture, description, etc., all the individual product page displayed was the error message: Oops That Page Can’t Be Found.  Core and menu pages all seemed appropriately linked, […]

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Website to Verify WordPress Themes

Verifying and Comparing WordPress Themes Periodically, I look at available WordPress themes.  At first, like most people, the “look” of the theme was my major focus.  Later, I added to my search criteria, options that the theme might readily support, like sliders, showing similar posts, mobile ready, etc.  Today, working more with SEO, performance becomes […]

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htaccess Blacklist To Repel Exploits

Bad guys are out there spamming, scraping, and hacking.  If that wasn’t enough, “bots” have automated a lot of the evil processes.  Yikes!!!  If you are new to WordPress, or haven’t done this yet (What are you thinking?), get a security plugin for your site NOW!!!  If you don’t, it’s only a matter of time […]

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WordPress Offers Distraction Free Writing. Who knew?

Several weeks ago, I wrote an article about a wonderful distraction free writing tool, aptly named FocusWriter (the article:  Use FocusWriter To Improve Your Writing).  I extolled the virtues of writing with a distraction free editor, and then told how I used FocusWriter to initially write an article; then, if I was using the piece […]

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Best Usable iPad Apps for 2012

Making The Cut… For an iPad app to qualify for our LarryTalksTech “Best Usable iPad Apps for 2012” list, each winning app had to be: Used by us on a routine basis for more than 90 days Used more than any other app in its category User friendly – easy learning curve Either free or […]

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Better WordPress Security Fix

Locked Out Better WordPress Security is a very robust security plugin for WordPress powered websites.  The login process is modified; changes are made to the WordPress data table prefix; completely turns off the ability to login for a given time period; all are but a few examples of the broad scope of this program’s ability […]

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Find The Perfect Web Host For Your Blog

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step  – Confucius I recently completed a quest to find the perfect web host for the blog you are now reading.  It was a long winding road, that took some time to travel. I am glad the quest is now over.  If you are reading […]