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Seven Steps To Secure Your Mac 2017

Secure Your Mac.  Step 1:  Know Thy Enemy The first step to secure your Mac is deciding just how much security it needs. Let’s say you are walking on a sidewalk by a very quiet street. Coming toward you, on a building top, you see a man dressed in black. He seems to be zigging […]

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21 Free Must-Have Mac OS X Apps

  Foreword Located deep in the bowels of a subterranean man-cave in Southern California, the LarryTalksTech computers patiently await daily instructions from their users. Though there is a sprinkling of Debian Linux powered computers, the main work-horses here are Macs. As our capital expenditure budget is next to “0”, so open-source software answers most of […]

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Mac OS X:Clean Install – The Easy Way

Introduction I installed Yosemite (10.10), on my 2008 iMac. I loved the look of this new operating system, and its features; however, after the install, my iMac was running pathetically slow. I spent hours trying to debug the thing, and could not find a single cause. I knew that over a number of years I […]

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Use rsync To Backup Your Data On Mac OSX and Linux

The Problem: I had been backing data from my stand-alone server (Mac Pro G5 with Ubuntu Server 13.04 software) to an external USB drive on an iMac, then to a hard drive on a HP laptop with Debian OS, and finally to SkyDrive (a Microsoft cloud storage option).  I used a “Norton Commander – like” […]