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21 Free Must-Have Mac OS X Apps

  Foreword Located deep in the bowels of a subterranean man-cave in Southern California, the LarryTalksTech computers patiently await daily instructions from their users. Though there is a sprinkling of Debian Linux powered computers, the main work-horses here are Macs. As our capital expenditure budget is next to “0”, so open-source software answers most of […]

How To OS X OS X Security Tips

Keep Your Mac Safe For Free Part 4 (The Little Things)

Semper Vigilans There are plenty of programs waiting to attack your computer in cyberspace: malware, virus’s, trojans, worms, phishing, and other assortments of strangely labeled nasty code. Their purpose is to take your personal data (credit card info, phone numbers, addresses, license numbers, social security numbers, etc.) off your computer.  This information is then sold […]