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21 Free Must-Have Mac OS X Apps

¬† Foreword Located deep in the bowels of a subterranean man-cave in Southern California, the LarryTalksTech computers patiently await daily instructions from their users. Though there is a sprinkling of Debian Linux powered computers, the main work-horses here are Macs. As our capital expenditure budget is next to “0”, so open-source software answers most of […]

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HeartBleed: What it is, How dangerous is it, and What you should do

What it is… Last week, a nasty bug, Heartbleed, was found in OpenSSL, version 1.0.1 (released April 19, 2012). OpenSSL, allows for the encrypted transference of data (usernames, passwords, cookies, etc.) from users to website servers. ¬†There are several versions of OpenSSL, but the one I just mentioned is very popular. The actual percent of […]