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Use rsync To Backup Your Data On Mac OSX and Linux

The Problem: I had been backing data from my stand-alone server (Mac Pro G5 with Ubuntu Server 13.04 software) to an external USB drive on an iMac, then to a hard drive on a HP laptop with Debian OS, and finally to SkyDrive (a Microsoft cloud storage option).  I used a “Norton Commander – like” […]

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Keep Your Mac Safe For Free Part 4 (The Little Things)

Semper Vigilans There are plenty of programs waiting to attack your computer in cyberspace: malware, virus’s, trojans, worms, phishing, and other assortments of strangely labeled nasty code. Their purpose is to take your personal data (credit card info, phone numbers, addresses, license numbers, social security numbers, etc.) off your computer.  This information is then sold […]