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Mohu Leaf Plus HDTV Indoor Antenna Review

Like many people here in the States, I am dropping my satellite TV service.  Both cable and satellite services are getting more expensive, and the value just isn’t there.  I currently have 250 channels available to me, of those I typically watch 5 or 6 routinely, and another 5 or 6 occasionally.  So, I watch […]

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Waze: A Community Based GPS App

Waze is a free mobile GPS app designed primarily for commuters. It relies on users to provide updates on locations of Police and emergency vehicles, accidents, traffic congestion, etc., then relays the real-time traffic information back to the GPS where the data is displayed in the form of icons on its map, and with more […]

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Better WordPress Security Fix

Locked Out Better WordPress Security is a very robust security plugin for WordPress powered websites.  The login process is modified; changes are made to the WordPress data table prefix; completely turns off the ability to login for a given time period; all are but a few examples of the broad scope of this program’s ability […]

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WebSSH Connects to SSH Secure Servers from an iPad or iPhone

WebSSH is a ssh (secure shell) client that allows you to connect to SSH Secure Servers from your iPad or iPhone.  It serves well as a remote server administration tool.  The program is free and can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store.  I have used WebSSH for numerous ssh sessions, and it has earned a […]

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Keep Your Mac Safe – Part 3 (Preparing for Disaster)

In Part 1 of this series, I discussed ways to keep your Mac safe:  Tightening up Java and Flash Player access; some suggestions on anti-virus programs; setup programs for built-in firewalls; and some types of password protection.  Part 2, discussed a data encryption program, and some ways to more safely “surf the net”.   If you […]

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How to Transfer Your Vinyl Records to MP3 (and get CD quality results)

The Goal While doing research for this article on converting music from vinyl records to mp3’s, I viewed on the Internet numerous YouTube videos, and read a lot of “How To’s” on the subject .  A good number of well meaning people spent a lot of time explaining this conversion process, and if one followed […]

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DVD Hunter for Mac OS X

You need DVD Hunter (for Mac OS X) if you have large collection of motion pictures on DVD and need a way to organize them.  I have used several commercial movie databases, and even created my own in Access, but they all left me wanting for more.  I found and installed DVD Hunter over a […]

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CheatSheet & Grab

This past week, I found two very useful programs that you might want to use on your Mac: CheatSheet. I discovered this as a Mac Gem on the MacWorld web site:  ( Simply, after CheatSheet is installed and running, by holding down the Command key for two seconds, an overlay pops up showing the available […]

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Anonymity on the Web – Tor Browser

Developed by the Tor Project, Tor is free open source software that allows you to surf the web with a high degree on anonymity.   Initially, your web request (for the website you will eventually connect to)  is bounced through a number of server relays, and through this process, your IP address (your online identity) is […]

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Run Two Computers with a Single Keyboard and Mouse – Update

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article on how to run two computers with single keyboard and mouse.  The software at the heart of this process is an open source item called Synergy.  In the article, I also mentioned several different types of software using Synergy.  In all the examples, you must have […]