WebSSH Launch Page

WebSSH is a ssh (secure shell) client that allows you to connect to SSH Secure Servers from your iPad or iPhone.  It serves well as a remote server administration tool.  The program is free and can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store.  I have used WebSSH for numerous ssh sessions, and it has earned a “must have” status for my utilities tool kit.

With WebSSH, you can:

  • Connect to any SSH server
  • Save favorite ssh connections and automatically initiate ssh connection strings
  • Have the possibility of direct ssh connections without storing credentials

Here are some screen shots:

WebSSH first page
WebSSH Launch Page – Figure 1

When you click Box A on the launch page, you will be presented with the Connection screen (Figure 2), where you can supply the location and access information for the SSH secure server.  When you click Box B for the first time, you will go to the Saved Connections Page (Figure 3).  When you click the New box in the upper right hand corner of the screen, you will presented with another window for connection information, and a Save option.  The Saved connections are stored alphabetically. The C boxes are used for programs purchased from seller Arnaud Mengus, Itimeteo.com.

To use a Saved connection, from the Launch screen, click Box B (Saved connections), you will then land on the Saved screen (Figure 3).  Choose your Saved connection, this will initiate the ssh command, and in a few seconds you will have remote access to the ssh server.

An example of a ssh connection is shown in Figure 4.

WebSHH Connection Page
Figure 2
WebSSH Saved Connection
Figure 3
WebSSH files server connection
Figure 4


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